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Highlights From The 1987 Workups and 1988 WESTPAC 4-SWGR Dopeybooks

RE04, Reactor Electrical Division, Reactor Department, USS ENTERPRISE (CVN65)


Dopeybooks were forbidden.  Anyone caught reading and/or writing in one while on watch (or in the plant) would be hammered.  But everyone knew they existed and every workcenter had one.  As a rule of thumb only qualified watchstanders were allowed to read and write in the book.  That was certainly the case in RE04.  Sometimes it was the only incentive someone had to finally qualify their junior-most watchstation.

The boys in RE04 were no different than all the other nukes serving on board the USS Enterprise (CVN 65), except that their dopeybooks, at least the ones penned during the 1987-88 era, were exceptionally creative and ruthless. In fact, these dopeybooks were so famous that it was even rumored that the RCA and RMA came down to read them on a regular basis (but I doubt that is true).  The '87 and '88 RE04 dopeybooks were lost and presumably gone forever but now they have been found and are yours to read and enjoy once again.  

The REO4 dopeybooks were actually universal to all of Reactor and Engineering Department since they were so easily assessable to anyone with a TLD (including many watch officers and watch supervisors).  In 1987 and 1988 the RE04 dopeybook was hidden (wedged more like it) behind the #4 MMR APD in 4 SWGR room.  Many, if not up to a third of the entries were inked by RMs, E-Div'rs, RCs and M-Div'rs.    

You may have no idea who "King Paul," "Kid Pillow," "Heavy Metal Elvis," "Q-Bert," "MTW," "Blister Dick," "Deck Drains," "Fod Free" or the countless other contributors were, but that isn't important.  What is important is that these guys were all pretty decent hard working fellows and didn't mean the nasty things that they wrote about each other.  Writing in the dopeybook was done primarily to help pass the time at sea, while standing watch in the hot, miserable engine room (while wasting away the best years of our lives).  Enjoy!

The material contained in these "slam" books is brutal.  If you offend easy or shy away from inhumane vulgarity, then I suggest you read no further.

Highlights from the 1987 Workups 4-SWGR Dopey Book (Click on thumbnail to see full page).  

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Highlights from the 1988 Westpac 4-SWGR Dopey Book (Click on thumbnail to see full page).  

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